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Company overview

What we do

We help our customers design and build mobile and web apps to bring bold ideas to the market.


How we do

We apply user research and a product-development approach to define users’ needs and build a scalable app.

Tech Stack

Our portfolio

We have worked on award-winning software apps for a wide range of clients around the world.


Our talented
and experienced team

Product team

Our product team is all focused on managing all aspects of work related to your product. They are always aware of what all is happening and what needs to be done to make the product successful.

Design team

Our design team follows the research-based user experience principle of work. Designers analyze competitors and customers, decide the product structure and prototype, then conduct user testing to create an outstanding interface.

iOS team

Our iOS team leverages MVC, MVVM, Redux, and Reactive Programming.  All our iOS developers are proficient with Swift and have a strong understanding of the patterns and practices that revolve around the iOS platform. iOS team members have worked on such apps as Aspiration, Sprent and Tellie.

Android team

Our Android team uses Clean Architecture and Redux to build user-friendly apps. Everyone has a deep knowledge of Kotlin and Java languages. Android team members have worked on such apps as Dollar Shave Club, Aspiration, Sprent.

Backend team

Our backend team works with Node.js, Ruby, Java. They have AWS certification and follow the hexagonal architecture, DDD and SOA. Our backend team also makes sure that data and services requested by the frontend system or software are delivered.

Frontend team

Our frontend team builds web pages and user interfaces for web applications with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, and Redux. They take the designer’s creation and bring it to life with  pixel-perfect quality.

QA team

Our QA engineers perform automated and manual testing.
From the start to the end of the project, they undertake testing to maximize the quality of the final product.

Operations team

Operation team takes care of all internal and external processes at Uptech – sales, marketing, people operations (HR), recruitment, finance.


Innovators with a bold vision

Dollar Shave Club


Recognitions of our work

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The best software dev
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Uptech Values

Together we live by our common values


Always target to achieve
the highest possible quality


Build honest and transparent relationships through honest communication


Create an inspiring work environment where professionals create great products


Strive for excellence and mastery in everything we
do through learning


Take ownership of our
actions and thoughts


Treat all the projects like
our own


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