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Offset your negative carbon footprint on the environment and save the planet.


Carbon Club is a service that helps users reduce their negative impact on the planet. With Carbon Club users can calculate their carbon footprint on the environment, select options to offset it by donating to the charities they care about or change their habits to reduce the total impact. Carbon Club aims to make the world a better place by helping us be more aware of our impact.

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Business Analysis
Design Sprint
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Validate the idea during the Design Sprint

The client came to us with the hypothesis that we can calculate the carbon footprint of the users based on their bank transaction history. And offer to offset their negative impact by donating to the charities.


At Uptech, we’ve developed a process to test ideas and validate whether they’re working quickly. We’ve invited the client to visit us in Kyiv, Ukraine, for the 4-day Design Sprint workshop. Together, we specified a long-term goal and identified the key challenges and questions in front of us. The team brainstormed and generated ideas, created the storyboard, built the prototype, and tested it with real users. The testing showed that users liked the idea, but they were not willing to give away their bank transaction history. We replaced this feature in the next iteration with the quiz questions. So that in just four days, we’ve validated what worked and what not and needed to be updated. No code written, no time wasted on the detailed design. Money and effort saved!


Create a prototype

Based on the insights we’ve gathered during user testing, the client wanted to make an adjustment to the original idea and build the prototype.


Uptech design team worked on the new version of the prototype, iteratively improving the prototype and testing it every time with the real users from the UK. After 12 user tests in total, we came up with the solution that users loved. The final concept was fun and easy to use, with the cute virtual pet users needed to take care after, connection with your impact on the environment and the surrounding of the pet, interactive quiz and tips on how to change your way of leaving to reduce the footprint.

Here are the features that we designed for Carbon Club


Create an account

Users can quickly start using the app with just a phone verification, no dull registration process.

Select charities

We’ve curated a list of verified and trusted charities. You can choose to support animals, trees, or ocean, whatever is closer to your heart.

Take the quiz

Answer a few questions about your way of living so that we can calculate your footprint based on your answers. It’s easy and fast. Redo the quiz whenever you like.

Monitor your impact

See the detailed breakdown of your carbon footprint. Knowledge is power. Understanding where you make the most pollution allows you to take actions to reduce it.

Virtual pet

Look after your cute little pet inside the app. The pet environment would deteriorate over time as you impact accumulates. Keep the pet and your karma clean.


Donate to our charities to offset your impact. Save your pet’s environment and save the planet.

View tips

Get tips about how to change your way of living and reduce your footprint beyond donations. Easy steps that make a significant impact.

Read the blog

Stay up to date about what your charities are doing and how your donations were spent. Receive inspiration and insights to keep doing the good work!




— ongoing





Project team

UX Designer

Nick Melnyk

UI Designer

Oleh Kryvytskyi

Business Analyst

Andriy Bas

future plans

Carbon Club tested and validated the solution, and went back to work on refining the business plan and finding investors to bring the concept to life and reduce our environmental impact.

Many thanks to Peter for productive collaboration and bringing up an important issue and relentlessly working to help save the planet for all humanity!

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