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If you’re starting up a tech-business or expanding existing marketing avenues, chances are, you’re going to ask ‘how much does it cost to make a mobile app?’. With over 3.2 billion of the population accessing the internet on a smartphone, the question becomes more significant for business owners.

There isn’t a clear cut answer to determine the cost of creating an app. Each app is unique on its own and the process of creating them could be different. Also, geographical factors may influence the cost of building an app, and so does your choice of vendors. 

While getting the figure helps in planning your budget, it’s equally important to understand the process of building an app. You’ll then have a better idea of where your money is being channeled to during app development.

We’ll get you covered on the common questions asked on mobile app development in this article. 

Mobile App Development Process in Uptech

At Uptech, we treat every project as our own. With a strong Product Mindset, we’re focused on building the right product for users and our customers. We employ Agile principles in development, which results in timely delivery and feedback. Typically, the cross-functional development team is going through these stages continuously to ensure that the resulting app matches your requirements, and more importantly, completed within the budget.

Here’s a glance at the development process in Uptech.

mobile app

1. Prototyping and product requirements analysis

The primary goal of this stage is to validate and test the business model before investing time and money into the project. Also, it’s important to build a truly customer-first experience and understand the user’s needs so user research is essential at this stage. 

Certain technical processes are also executed at this stage such as technical investigation, functional requirements, and roadmap development.

2. Design

At this stage, our design team creates the UX and UI design of the product. By using an interactive approach, we’ll prepare the UI concept, test the feedback, and make necessary updates to ensure the users and clients love the visuals of the product. 

  1. UI Concept
  2. Visual Design
  3. User testing & Feedback review

3. Development

The project will be developed using an agile development methodology. The scrum-like process will make development iterative with fast feedback loops, which will allow you to evaluate progress very fast, get feedback from end-users, help to prioritize tasks, and provide insights to the team about the course of development from the business standpoint. 

4. QA process 

We perform QA during the whole development process. 

5. Launch & Support 

We provide comprehensive support after the support is launched. The development team also measures analytics and gathers feedback to improve the app and conduct fine-tuning to fit the market. 

In-house VS Outsource development VS Outstaff a Mobile App

Cost isn’t the only factor to weight on when developing a mobile app. You’ll also need to consider the hiring model, which has a large impact on your business operation along the line. Basically, there are 3 different ways to go about, in-house, outsource, or outstaff with each having its pros and cons.

In-House Development

In-house development, where you’re responsible for hiring the entire development team, allows you better flexibility, access, and control over the team.

However, getting an in-house team means you’ll have to manage the entire hiring process in order to land the right talent for the company. You’re also tied up with fix costs, training, and salaries of the employee.

Outstaff Development

Outstaffing is engaging a 3rd party agency to hire and put together a team of app developers for your company. Outstaff developers tend to work remotely, often in a premise provided by the agency. 

Choosing to outstaff your app development tends to save significant cost for the company. Technically, none of the developers are legally your employees. You’re also out of the hiring loop but retaining control in managing the team.

Outsource Development

An often-sought option, outsource development, involves engaging a 3rd party app development firm to develop the mobile app from scratch. This approach enables a company to free up its resources and focus on its core business. It also solves the question of skills and capability as software firms are housed and led by seasoned developers.

You may be paying more by outsourcing the app development, but this is justified by the firm’s experience in the industry.

mobile app cost

How Are The Mobile App Cost Calculated

A few factors go into estimating the mobile app development cost. It’s basically the same when drafting a sports team. You need the best player for the best price. In the table below you can see that Eastern Europe, and in Uptech’s case – Ukraine, is the best go-to when it comes to the value VS price ratio. Need a more precise cost for your mobile app development? Talk to our team. 

How Are The Mobile App Cost Calculated

Pricing Structure of Mobile App Components

Think of it as a Lego kit. There’s going to be some basic amount of blocks you need to add, then you customize the existing one’s or add new blocks to improve your “lego-like” mobile app.

Pricing Structure of App Components


By understanding what goes into building a mobile app, and the team structure behind the company you’ll be hiring, will increase your chances to build a savvy yet great and stable mobile application.

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By the way, we prepared a case study on how we saved $ 50K with design sprint
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