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Uptech is a Product Studio where our product expertise meets our tech experience. We follow the best development trends, launch startups, and share our insights on building successful products.
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Plai is a performance management solution that's geared for small and medium companies. It’s so easy to align a team with OKRs, inspire growth with feedback and praise, effortless performance/360° reviews and effective 1:1s using Plai. 

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VPNWifiMaster is private mobile VPN app for iOS. VPN WiFi Master helps to hide IP address and encrypt network traffic.

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TeamRoom helps to conduct virtual events. TeamRoom provides fully customizable content and branding for unique games and shows.

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iOS Cookbook

Recipes and best practices how to build the great iOS applications.

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React Native Cookbook

Recipes and best practices how to build the great React Native app.

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Android Cookbook

Recipes and best practices how to build the great Android applications.

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Bildio is an Android library which simplifies Dagger DI and AAC Fragment Navigation integration by introducing a set of tools for data persistence respecting Fragment/Activity Lifecycle and Graph Navigation.

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AirBar is an iOS library for creating cool expandable menus. Library observes UIScrollView scroll and provides a state you can apply to your UI elements.

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KotlinRxSocket is an Android library based on Socket.IO that simplifies sockets’ implementation with RxJava.

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SlidingRangeSelector is a simple iOS UI component. In essence, this is a range selector resembling a slider, that allows to select a range of values.

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Example of MVVM-C architecture implemented with RxSwift.

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