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Create new products, add new features, or improve existing products with Design Sprint at Uptech. Save time and money, reduce risks, align, and inspire your team and achieve breakthrough results.

What is
Design Sprint

Design Sprint at Uptech is a four-day process for creating new products or improving existing ones. Brainstorm ideas, create the product strategy, build the prototype and validate it with real users in just a few days rather than months.

Design Sprint is inspired by Google and validated by the most innovative companies in the world, such as Slack, Uber, Airbnb, LinkedIn, or McKinsey!

Design Sprint at Uptech embraces the Lean principles and the Design Thinking approach in a practical step-by-step workshop week.

Why use
design sprint?

Design Sprint is the fastest way to validate your solution and get a clear answer about whether it’s worth investing more time and money or not!  It gives immediate insights and actionable steps.

the right problem

Align your cross-functional team around a common business objective and clear goals. Focus on customer needs and their Jobs to be Done.

Save time
and money

Minimize unproductive discussions with “Note and Vote” exercises, and move on to building the prototype. Reduce product development cycle from months to weeks.

a potential solution

Foster innovative ideas from all team members to create the most viable product. The process is designed to unleash creativity from any participant.

Test to validate
the idea

Conduct usability user testing and base decisions on real data and not guesswork. Increase the speed to market and lower the risks with Design Sprint.

Most new projects fail because they release features that no one wants to use. Test and validate your features with Design Sprint before designing and developing them. We have helped our clients to save thousands of dollars and months of work by using Design Sprint.

The process

Design Sprint at Uptech is a four-day process

Facilitation matters

Design Sprint consists of more than 20 exercises. You need an experienced facilitator who will guide you through each exercise and make sure you move towards your goal.

The outcomes
of Design Sprint?

You’ll get

Customer Journey Map

A high-fidelity interactive prototype
that feels like a real product

User test summary
and video recordings

Team alignment and the
momentum to speed up the
release and maximize your ROI

Methods and techniques you
can use on your own to solve
any problem

Product Strategy and next
steps, prioritized with the
Impact/Scale map

After Design Sprint, you’ll have a clear understanding of what the next steps should be for your product!
You can use a second sprint to iterate and improve the idea based on feedback, or you can use the prototype to sell the idea to stakeholders and develop the concept.

Why us?

At Uptech, we’ve worked for years to create an environment where successful ideas get launched. You’ll normally find such an environment only in companies like Google or Amazon!

Certified Design
Sprint Masters

At Uptech, we’ve worked for years to create an environment where successful ideas get launched. You’ll normally find such an environment only in companies like Google or Amazon!

History of
successful Sprints

We’ve conducted Design Sprints for our clients, built great products and saved them thousands of dollars.

Cross-functional team

We will assemble a cross-functional team to work on your product, fostering creativity from several fields.

Product Mindset

We treat your products like our own, all our team shares the product mindset to focus on solving user problems.


Our team will have all the necessary context to release the MVP for your product in the shortest period of time.


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