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Shopping app: Everything you need in the bathroom – from razor blades to grooming products

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android phone

Shave Club


Dollar Shave Club (DSC) started in 2011 with razors and a viral video in 2012 featuring CEO Michael Dubin. Since then, the firm has expanded to produce everything you need to look, feel, and smell your best. Members can choose from a variety of grooming products among shaving, shower, oral, hair, skin, and other categories, select how often they want the shipments delivered straight to their door, cancel or add products anytime, manage their account, send gifts, and enjoy original content on the company blog.

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and solutions


Take over the existing
Android app and deliver

DSC came to Uptech with the existing app and a big codebase.
We had to take it over and deliver. Period.


Uptech successfully onboarded our team members and set up smooth communication. Together with DSC’s in-house UX & UI Designers, Backend Engineers and Product Managers we planned, estimated and implemented new features successfully.


Encourage user

Dollar Shave Club’s main business model is a subscription to deliver high-quality mens’ grooming products regularly right to their door. DSC has very active members and wanted to give them a great, seamless way to maintain their subscription and keep them engaged beyond just the subscription itself.


One way for Dollar Shave Club to achieve this goal was through a mobile app, which would provide them with account management tools to encourage engagement. We implemented such features to keep users engaged: Original Content, Gift Cards, New Business Model with “Handsome discount”, Internationalization — shops in non-US countries, and much more. We also needed to make sure the implemented design was pixel-perfect, so that the app provided a smooth experience across all supported Android devices and as few bugs as possible (seriously).


Run A/B tests

Creating an app that users love requires experimenting. To understand club members’ preferences, we needed to run A/B tests and learn what worked best for them.


Uptech successfully implemented the infrastructure for the A/B tests. This approach allowed us to test different variations of the same feature. After running such experiments for the “Box” product we gathered and analyzed statistics of user interactions and business metrics related to the feature and chose the version that had the best conversion.

The key features
of the Dollar Shave Club app


Dollar Shave Club

Simple onboarding flow for new club members. Starter Sets make it easy to experience the club benefits and top-shelf products.
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android phone

your account

Change delivery frequency, shipping date, switch razor types, track orders. Anytime you want, you can add & remove products.
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android phone
android phone


Toss the exclusive, original products in your next monthly box or have them shipped automatically on your schedule. Purchase “Now” box which will be shipped immediately.
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android phone
android phone

Member profile

Answer a few questions and DSC will send you recommended products that fit you perfectly. We hope you're doing all three: Shave, Shower, and Oral Care, but you are free to select any of them.
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android phone

landing experience

Based on user previous purchases and membership history the main screen will display the most useful and relevant information. DSC crafts dynamic product recommendations for each user need based on member profiles.
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android phone

Read blog

Kick back with daily refreshments of new perspectives and good ideas with Dollar Shave Club Original Content curated just for you.
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android phone

Product lines

The perfect scent for life occasions with Blueprint Cologne, Feel pleasantly pristine with Groundskeeper Deodorant, Bring an intense clean to your mouth with the Superba! products, and much more.
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android phone
android phone


4.8 rating in Google Play

User reviews:

Best customer service and products!


I really like the Dollar Shave Club!


I love this club


Best Shopping App

2017 Webby Award Winner

97 % of app users

would recommend the DSC app to a friend

4.8 rating
4.8 rating
Timeline Oct 2016 — ongoing
spent hours

Project team

Project preview
Project preview
Project preview

Future Plans

Dollar Shave Club continues to grow and improve the app. They plan to minimize the number of resources used, make most of the app pages dynamic and configurable from the server specifically for each user’s needs and have the app redesigned in the future. Uptech is excited to bring these new features to life together with DSC.

Many thanks to all the Dollar Shave Club team for the smooth communication and productive collaboration on the project!

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